The Silver Sea is a D&D and Anime influenced Fantasy style Role Play with an original plot.
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 Misc. Classes

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PostSubject: Misc. Classes   Sat Apr 09, 2011 1:44 pm

The Miscellaneous Classes belong to those who are both long range and short range, and may even use magical abilities in conjunction with their abilities. All in all, they are very well rounded. Miscellaneous Classes, in terms of the Silver Sea, can learn a Magical Spell from the Universal Section every 2 levels, except the Telekinetic which must learn spells from the Telekinetic section. Also they are not hindered as the Magical Classes are and may create Special Abilities as normal. The Misc. Classes are as follows.

Ninja Master of the quick kill. The Ninja's of the Silver Sea do not rely so much on stealth as reflexes. A ninja will always attempt to win in the quickest way possible. They are masters of all kinds of weapons, and martial arts. Ninja's should never be taken lightly. Their lack of stamina is made up for in their speed.
Assassin Master of the silent kill. The Assassins of the Silver Sea are the stealthy and unseen instruments of death. The Ninjas were once silent killers much like the Assassins, though they gave up the tactic long ago. The Assassins were founded after the Ninjas gave up the way of the shadows. It could be said that the Assassin is their successor in spirit. Assassins use all manner of tools, and can kill with relative ease.
Pirate Rough and Reckless, the pirate is a former sailor who turned to a life of thievery. They use small firearms and cutlasses. They have no specializations and their greatest ability is their resourcefulness. They can make a weapon out of anything. They are also rather crude. Pirates are notorious for their poor diets, and as such the main targets for their thieving is actually food.
Inventor Inventor's are not known for their muscle mass. Instead, they are known for their great intellect. They are able to keep up with beefier opponents by relying on gadgets and inventions that allow them advantages that others can scarcely comprehend. Inventors, while unorthodox, make great warriors and should not be taken lightly.
Tamer Tamer's are masters of the wild. They fight by tooth and claw, and bring their loyal animals alongside them to do the same. Tamers are warriors who form bounds with animals so as to become greater fighters. They can rely on their animal companions to help them out whenever they are in need. Tamer's are often feared for their ability to tame even the mightiest of beasts. Their are even rumors of Dragon Tamers, though that has so far been dismissed as mere rumor.
Telekinetic A Telekinetic can wreak havoc on the battlefield. They too lack muscle mass. However their genius is neither in magic or inventions, but in Psioninc energy. It is a relatively new form of energy, and as such is a new class. No one quite knows the power these Telekinetics can wield. However, no one wants to find out first hand.
Phantom Mage Phantom Mages are practitioners of a new strange kind of magic. They do not summon fireballs or whirlwinds, but instead conjure semi-transparent objects to do battle. In all honesty, it does not even have to be an object. These "Phantom" conjurations are controlled by the movements of the practitioners hands. These Mages are unorthodox, but greatly respected.
Paladin Paladin's are the stereotypical Knight's in shining armor. These benevolent behemoths of battle are characterized by a slew of holy spells, a strong spirit and traditional values. They are feared by those who practice evil, and annoy the neutral. Paladin's are often swordsmen, but have been known to have other weapon's based on personal preference.
Swordspell The Swordspell are former Magic users who have switched to a martial focus. They use swordsmanship and magical abilities to make up for their lack of training. Swordspells are not ever formally trained, and the choice to become one is monumental. They are not well-respected. Despite this, they are formidable warriors.

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Misc. Classes
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