The Silver Sea is a D&D and Anime influenced Fantasy style Role Play with an original plot.
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 Character Template

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PostSubject: Character Template   Sun Jun 26, 2011 3:36 pm

[color=green]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[/color][color=red][b][size=18]General Information[/size][/b][/color][color=green]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[/color]

[b]Name:[/b] (Last name, first name)

[b]Alias:[/b] (If you have one)


[b]Visual Age:[/b] (Don't exaggerate this)

[b]Age:[/b] (how long have you been dead?)

[b]Rank and Affiliation:[/b] (don't fill this out unless you are part of an Orginization/ EX: Silver Army-Major)



[b]Extra Information:[/b] (optional. Things that didn’t go into the other categories would go here)

[color=blue]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[/color][color=indigo][b][size=18]Additional Information[/size][/b][/color][color=blue]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[/color]
*This stuff is optional

[b]Family Members:[/b]

[b]Favorite Food:[/b]

[b]Least Favorite Food:[/b]

[b]Favorite Color:[/b]

[color=yellow]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[/color] [color=orange][size=18]Appearance[/size][/color][color=yellow]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[/color]

[b]General Appearance:[/b] (Picture is optional, one paragraph is not.)



[b]Body Type:[/b]

[b]Extra Information:[/b] (optional. Things that didn’t go into the other categories would go here)


[b]Personality:[/b] (How does your character act? This is the core of your application. Three paragraphs)




[b]Insecurities:[/b] (optional)


[b]Strengths:[/b] (Optional, but recommended)

[b]Weaknesses:[/b] (Need to have one for every strength mentioned)

[b]Phobias:[/b] (optional. A phobia is an unreasonable fear without an explanation. Example: “Bill has a phobia of spiders because he thinks that every time he sees one, he will die.” Phobias usually result in a panic attack when you are introduced to said thing)

Extra Information: (optional. Things that didn’t go into the other categories would go here)


[b]Bio:[/b] (please don't over do this. Yes it is good to have a lot of information but a pillar of text is too much. I'm looking for major events and how your character came into power. Five paragraph minimum)

[b]Fighting Style:[/b] (how do you, as an individual, stick out as a member of your Class? One paragraph)

[color=pink]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[size=18]Special Ability/ Magical Weapon[/size]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[/color]

(this will be where you put your Special Abilities or Magical Weapon once it has been approved)

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Character Template
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