The Silver Sea is a D&D and Anime influenced Fantasy style Role Play with an original plot.
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 Melee Classes

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PostSubject: Melee Classes   Sat Apr 09, 2011 1:40 pm

Melee classes are the place to be if you like to fight with the gloves off. The Brutish, head-strong, and relentless find Melee to be their calling. There are no draw-backs to the Melee class, save that they cannot add any magic points to their person. The Melee class is defined in game-play terms by the fact that they can have more than one Magical Weapon. It should be noticed however, that they are only allowed to use one at a time. They are not allowed to use both or switch back and forth during a fight. That being said, here are the Melee classes.

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PostSubject: Re: Melee Classes   Thu May 12, 2011 8:28 pm

Berserker A beserker was once a soldier or warrior of some kind, or maybe even trained by one for the sole purpose of killing. Beserkers use no strategy or tactics. Instead, they believe overwhelming force the most important aspect of a fight. They fight in a trance-like rage and often cannot tell friend from foe during a battle. This warriors fight with reckless abandon, with no regard for their own personal well-being.
Soldier A soldier is a warrior who is employed by a government, or government-like organization. They are well rounded and prefer to follow others who are more adept at strategic thinking. However, the soldier is usually very talented at tactics. Soldiers are loyal, and above all else numerous. Soldiers fight in groups, and organize well. This allows them to face much more powerful opponents.
Sailor Sailors are sea-fairing soldiers with an inclination toward brutishness. These warriors are very resilient and almost never lose morale. They are often thought of as 'good' pirates. However, this is considered a great insult if told to their face
Knight Knights are exclusive to the Western plane and have had a long ongoing rivalry with the Samurai of the Southern Plane. Knights are heavily armored and specialize in a wide variety of weapons. They are also excellent horsemen of unequaled caliber. Knights believe in a code of Chivalry which dictates their behavior.
Samurai Samurai are exclusive to the Southern plane and have had a long ongoing rivalry with the Knights of the Western Plane. Samurai are masters of the sword, spear, and arrow. They are also excellent horsemen, and are only outmatched by their rivals, the knights. Samurai believe in a code of Honor which dictates their behavior
Guardian Guardians are often behemoth-sized men, or others whose strength is comparable to a behemoth. Guardians are peaceful, and powerful, individuals who guard strange or coveted things. A Guardian is expected to protect whatever it is they are protecting, with their lives. Very few people become guardians, due to the might with which is required. Also, many find that they cannot guard objects with their very lives on the line. For their scarcity, however, many hold Guardians in high esteem.
Dancer A dancer is a warrior of unconventional means. They are very lithe and flexible, and quite fragile as well. They make good warriors due to their ability to avoid blows and injuries. They favor magical weapons above all else, so as to keep up with stronger opponents. Many have ridiculed a dancer's abilities because they seem to dance on the battlefield. However, the one they are dancing circles around often are not among those laughing.
Duelist Duelists are lithe and inflexible, dodging blows by using very little movement. Many people are awed at their extreme composure and ability. They mostly prefer the Rapier, but it is not unheard of for them to use some other weapon of similar size. They have amazing stamina and speed, and are often equated to dancers. Duelists despise this however, as they often cite that dancers use too many unnecessary movements.
Martial Artist A martial artist fights with no weapons, either magical or mundane. Instead, their own body is a weapon, honed after many years of work. They are quick, powerful, and determined. They are feared above all other Melee classes. Although many other warriors may scoff at the many rumors surrounding a martial artist, none would ever fancy a fight with one.

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Melee Classes
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