The Silver Sea is a D&D and Anime influenced Fantasy style Role Play with an original plot.
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 Magical Classes

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PostSubject: Magical Classes   Sat Apr 09, 2011 1:39 pm

Those who learn to wield the mysterious power that the True God himself utilizes, that is what constitutes a Magical Class. Magical Classes are fun Classes to play but they do have some restrictions. For example, a Magical Class can only have 1 special Abilities and are not allowed to increase that number. This is because Magical Classes are allowed to learn Spells from the Available Spell list. In addition, you may use your Magic points to fulfill your Attack points' function during battle. Magical Classes may learn 1 spell each level up, and may choose from the Universal section or from their own list.

Below are some Magical Classes you may find to your liking.

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PostSubject: Re: Magical Classes   Wed Apr 13, 2011 4:12 pm

Mancer Classes

Pyromancer Mancer Name: Pyromancer
Magic Theme: Fire Manipulation
Mindset: Instant Gratification and Impulsiveness
Description: Wild, Reckless, and an unquenchable passion. These are the qualities of the wizards of fire. Tedious strategies and plans are unneeded, they don`t even hold up in the real world. No, action and reaction. Those are what matter. Someone with strength of heart will defeat someone with strength of mind any day.
Areomancer Mancer Name: Areomancer
Magic Theme: Manipulation of the atmosphere
Mindset: Carefree & Impulsiveness
Description: Free and Fickle, you change you`re mind often. Your power, too, varies greatly with your emotions.You control the winds and storms. Hurling lightning at your foes. You often look on the bright side of things, but know when melancholy is appropriate.
Mancer Name: Geomancer
Magic Theme: Manipulation of plants, rock, sand, minerals, crystals, & metals
Mindset: Patient & Simple
Description: Stout and Sturdy, few things truly bother you. You know that slow steady determination is the only way to truly get what you want. You control the creeping lichens, to the towering sequoias. The earth does as you will, but on it`s own time. Patience is not just A virtue, it is THE virtue.
Hydromancer Mancer Name: Hydromancer
Magic Theme: Water & Ice Manipulation
Mindset: Studious & Adaptable
Description:Studious and Adaptable, you are highly intelligent. Though you lack the passion of fire, patience of earth, and freedom of air, you make due with an adaptability not seen in others. You acquire a wealth of knowledge in hope of being prepared for all possible inconveniences. If you encounter a situation that you have not prepared for, your reflexes are usually enough to save you.
Mancer Name: Necromancer
Magic Theme: Manipulation of Dead Organic Matter & Spirits
Mindset: Secretive & Sensitive
Description:Seclusive and observant, you are not evil, not even amoral. But you value the importance of secrets above all else. After all, the dead constantly tell you their`s. The power of the fallen and downtrodden are your`s to command, but often you`re way of power makes you lonely. Your greatest fear is not death, but that those you love will forget you when you die.
Mancer Name: Vivomancer
Magic Theme: Manipulation of living Flesh
Mindset: Stubborn & Loyal
Description: Justice and Loyalty are your greatest assets. You do not suffer from not knowing what is right and what is not. You know, and have no doubt. Your power is to mend wounds of the flesh, and even mutate flesh into grotesque tools of power. Though some mock your ability to see the world in terms of black and white it is ,in truth, your greatest power.
Mancer Name: Photomancer
Magic Theme: Light Manipulation
Mindset: Relaxed & Mischievous
Description: Illusion and Misdirection are your allies. You love to trick and deceive others, if for nothing else you`re own amusement. You have the power to control light, and illusion is not the only thing it can do. You can also focus the light into a single powerful beam, and use it to destroy your enemies. But you are also rather predictable, as is your personality. But for some reason no one can fathom, you still have a surprise or two in store for those who think they know you best.
Mancer Name: Telemancer
Magic Theme: Manipulation of the mind
Mindset: Honest & Cautious
Description: Although not as well prepared as a Hydromancer, you are better informed of the world than others. Mostly because you can read minds. Not only can you read minds, but you can also control them, trick them, and rearrange their memories. Because of your immense power, people are often afraid of you. You relate well to the necromancer in this way. Honesty is very important to you, and as such, you are often too honest for your own good. You often fail to realize that other`s lives are centered around polite lies.
Mancer Name: Chronomancer
Magic Theme: Time Manipulation
Mindset: Patient & Cautious
Description: Patience and Determination are the driving force in this world. sudden action does little more than get you killed. Even the Geomancers could learn a thing or two from you! You take things slow and NEVER rush. A perfectionist almost to the point of insanity, most avoid you. But you, quite literally, have all the time in the world. You can stop, slow, or speed up time. However, you cannot rewind it, Which might be the reason only the extremely slow paced and determined are born with this power.

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Magical Classes
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