The Silver Sea is a D&D and Anime influenced Fantasy style Role Play with an original plot.
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  The Rules

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PostSubject: The Rules   Sun Jun 26, 2011 3:23 pm

Punishments for breaking the following rules varies depending on the situation and the rule in question. The rules are subject to change. So to avoid punishment, it is best not to break any of them. If changed, an update will be placed so members know the rules have indeed been changed.

1) This site is rated PG-13. Violence is allowed, gore can only be mentioned in passing. In addition, sex, drugs, and matters of discussion that could be considered questionable are not allowed.

2) Disrespect towards a member of the staff is not allowed. If u have a problem with a staff member, drop it and bring it up with someone higher than him/her. Be sure to bring proof too, such as copies of the chat box or whatever so we can bring proper justice.

3) I am the webmaster and therefore have final say over what goes on no matter what. Below me are the admins, below them are the moderators. Do not question their judgment. If you do not like it, you may request another staff member's opinion on the situation, but do not sit around and bitch about something if things don't go your way. Its pointless and will only cause you more problems.

4) Deaths are not confirmed until an admin or moderator claims a person dead. If you have killed a player, be sure to notify a staff member so you may carry on your topic.

5) RP with respect. This means no god-modding, auto-hits, or anything else to make your battles always win in your favor. We value tactics here and fair play. Anything less is frowned upon.

6) Play within the limits of the RP. If someone is faster than you, let them be faster, even if they have a lower attack and defense.

7) Posting Order. This should be laid out before every fight. Know who is going to post and when. It makes things less complicated. This does not pertain to normal conversational topics however.

8.) When someone enters a topic, you must acknowledge their presence unless they state otherwise.

9) Post in third person, First person is to egotistical and its hard to follow. No exceptions.

11) Keep to your characters personality. If your character is a blood thirsty brute I don't want him to become "clever" all of a sudden. That is a form of God-modding.

12) You may have only one character at a time, if you wish to discard your current character, role-play his death and contact an Admin.

13) You only have 24 hours to respond to a fighting topic before forfeiting your turn. This is so people will take them seriously. Becoming absent when you are in a fighting topic forfeits the topic, you will not die but will be "beaten" by your opponent. How you are beaten will be determined by a staff member. If you are involved in a non combative topic, You have two days (48 hours) to post a reply once it is your turn in the posting order. If you fail to make your post your turn will be skipped and it is acted as if you did nothing or had no response.

14) Excessive swearing, porn, and threats toward a OOC person is prohibited.

15) No posting spoilers or images inside the chatbox. If you do it wrong you can screw it up and no one will be able to fix it until a chatbox moderator or an admin arrives. So with that being said, its best to not allow it at all.

16) Never post your comments in another persons application. This confuses or annoys members. Only mods or Admins are allowed to post in them for approval.

17) ALL Ranked Members (Those in a chain of command in one of the three organizations) MUST post in the RP section of the forum at least once a week. Failure to do so will be demotion.

18) If you "troll" someone, you will be banned. Please don't troll.

19) If you created a thread to be the DM, you are not allowed to insert your character into the RP.

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The Rules
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