The Silver Sea is a D&D and Anime influenced Fantasy style Role Play with an original plot.
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 Non-Traditional Fantasy

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PostSubject: Non-Traditional Fantasy   Sat Apr 09, 2011 1:37 pm

This category is for the recently found races of the Silver Sea. Although these creatures are relatively new, they are by no means incompetent. (I have not created these, nor do I profit in anyway. These are all properties of their respective owners.)

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PostSubject: Re: Non-Traditional Fantasy   Mon May 16, 2011 2:53 pm


Catfolk resemble a cross between a large predatory cat and a human, with a sleekly muscled humanoid body and the head and mane of a feline. Most male catfolk wear their thick hair in braids, while females keep theirs short and sleek. The most common catfolk have feline characteristics reminiscent of lions, including thick manes for the males. Other groups have the characteristic markings and appearance of leopards, tigers, or cheetahs. Catfolk have thicker nails than other humanoids, but not the powerful claws of their feline counterparts, and they make unarmed attacks just like humans. They have the habit of leaping impulsively out of hiding and into combat when a foe is in the vicinity.

In ages past, the elves were torn by discord and warfare, driving out from their surface lands their past criminals, who sought safety in the underworld. These creatures' offspring and grandchildren became known as the "dark elvenfolk" or drow. They grew strong in the arcane arts over the centuries and content with their gloomy fairyland beneath the earth, though their is still enmity towards their distant kin, the elves, for throwing out their ancestors. They are described as black-skinned and pale haired in appearance, around 5-feet tall and slight of build with somewhat sharp features, with large eyes and large pointed ears. Females are inherently more powerful than males, and as such the drow society is a matriarchal one. Drow move silently and with a graceful quickness, even when wearing their armor, and blend into shadows with ease. Drow are difficult to surprise as they are able to see very well in the dark, have an intuitive sense about their underground world similar to that of dwarves, and can detect hidden or secret doors as easily as other elves do. They are able to communicate using a silent language composed of hand movements, and when coupled with facial and body expression, movement, and posture, this form of communication is the equal of any spoken language.

Gnomes are a short, intelligent, and inquisitive race with aptitudes in both the arcane and mechanical crafts. Gnomes have an intricate society based on their love of all kinds of arts, pranks, and their long lives. Their society is based on art; all gnomes must take up some form of art whether music, painting, cooking, building, or any other form that is considered creative by the time they come of age. Gnomes are naturally friendly, highly social and fun loving people. They are respected by Elves for their communion with nature and knowledge of arcane magic, and sought out by Dwarves for their gemcutting skills. Gnomes believe that pushing a child into a particular interest or vocation may be damaging to the child’s nature causing unhappy or introverted children. Gnomes are encouraged to explore all of their interests as they come. Gnomes are blessed with ever expanding imaginations. They seek to improve their world without bringing it harm through the use of mechanical inventions and alchemy. Gnome homes and villages are often littered with peculiar new creations and unfinished projects.

Goblins are small humanoid monsters. They vary in height from about 3 to 5 feet and weigh 40 to 130 pounds. They walk upright even though their arms nearly reach their knees. Their eyes vary from red to yellow and are usually dull and glazed. They have a broad nose that sits on a flat face with pointed ears and a wide mouth. Their mouth contains small, but sharp fangs. Their skin pigment ranges from a pale flesh color, to grey to green. Members of the same tribe tend to have the same skin color. Based on their ability scores and the encumbrance rules the average goblin would be able to lift about 60 pounds over his head. Goblins usually live in tribes which are ruled by the strongest goblin in the group. These tribes vary in size from gangs of 4-9 to tribes of up to 400. Most larger tribes have wolves or dire wolves as mounts, which also carry them into battle. Goblin tribes usually settle near civilized areas to raid for food, livestock, tools, weapons, and supplies. It is common for the leaders of goblin clans to be non-goblin; such leaders are exploiting the goblins as disposable soldiers to further their purpose.

Orcs are disfigured carnivorous humanoids, standing approximately 5'11 to 6'2, weighing from 180 to 280 lbs. They are easily noticeable due to their green to gray skin, lupine ears, lower canines resembling boar tusks, and their muscular builds. Orcs stand in a bent over shape making them appear as ape-like humans.

Bestial and savage, orcs band together as trıbes, living on hunting and raiding. Believing that the only way to survive is by expanding their territories, they have developed enmities wıth many other races, although mainly elves and dwarves, as well as humans, gnomes, goblins, and even other orc tribes. Even though they have good relationships with other humanoids in times of peace, their chaotic nature stops them from cooperating unless forced to do so by a powerful leader. Orcs live in a patriarchal society, taking pride on how many females and male children they have. Orcs like scars and take pride in exposing them, whether they are of a victory or loss.

The Empire of Bael Turath was one of the greatest in all of humankind's history. In the Empire, the noble class (kings, lords, princes, etc.) were completely devoted to the preservation of their power. They were so obsessed with power and glory that they vowed to even give up their humanity for it. Bael Turath made many promises to the nobles of his lands and word reached a realm called the Nine Hells located around the Astral Sea. People of the Nine Hells began having dreams or visions of the promises that Emperor Bael Turath made. They believed these visions would help keep the Emperor and the nobles in power. The visions spoke of an evil month-long ritual that each ruling house of the Emperor must participate in to secure their power forever. Some of the houses refused to take part in the ritual because it promoted terrible deeds that all of the participants of all the houses must do. The houses that refused were destroyed and the ritual commenced. During the ritual, devils began to appear and many houses and nobles made pacts with them. These pacts not only bound the human nobles but also their descendants forever. Thus began the race known as the Tiefling.

They exude a feeling of "evil" even though their race has become civil and no longer lusts for power. Many races distrust or outright hate Tieflings seeing them as devil worshippers. However, as a whole, Tieflings are a good and loving race. They have worked hard to free themselves from their ancestors evils. Unfortunately, there is still much prejudice.

All Tieflings possess large thick horns of various styles on their heads, non-prehensile tails approximately 4 to 5 feet in length, sharply pointed teeth, and their eyes are solid orbs of red, black, white, silver, or gold. Tiefling skin ranges through common human shades right into the reds, ranging from brick red to a ruddy tan. Tiefling hair, which starts behind their horns, ranges from dark blue to purple to red in addition to more normal human colors.

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Non-Traditional Fantasy
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