The Silver Sea is a D&D and Anime influenced Fantasy style Role Play with an original plot.
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 Ranged Classes

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PostSubject: Ranged Classes   Sat Apr 09, 2011 1:43 pm

Ranged Classes are best suited for those that like dealing damage without getting in close. These classes often draw the clever and precise. The "Soldiers Who Hate Battle" is a common nickname for the Ranged Classes. It should be noted that there are no drawbacks to the Ranged Classes save that they may not add Magic points to their person. In addition, if you choose to be a ranged class, you are allowed 1 extra attempt at disarming an opponent. If you do not know the significance of that, I suggest you read the Special Abilities section in the Stat Resources. The ranged classes are as follows.

Sniper A sniper is an individual with access to superior technology. He uses guns much like the gunslinger. However, he truly believes in the "one shot one kill" principle. He fires a specialized gun, called a sniper rifle, that can fire from extraordinary distances. They often are left unmentioned because they don't leave a large impression on the battlefield. However, It should be noted that their job is not to get noticed, but to kill. And they are very good at their job.
Gunslinger A gunslinger is a bit of an exception when it comes to the ranged class. They are an exception because they enjoy getting close and personal. They wield a pistol, many of them wield even two, and fire rapidly at opponents. They are rather good shots, but are easier to avoid due to their boisterous way of letting themselves be known. Of course, there are are exceptions to these rules.
Archer The archer is a soldier who wears minimal armor and stays at the back of the formation. They wield various bows and equip various arrows. This class loves magical weapons, as a rule. Also, while not as common as a sniper, there are those of these class with superior aim. However, the arrows they wield often lack the penetrating force of the bullets used by some the other classes.
Knife-Flinger A knife-flinger is an individual who makes use of throwing knives. This class is frowned upon by others due to its low-lethality. However, what many fail to realize is that the knife-flingers hold the greatest eyesight of any class bar none. They don't miss. However, they can be blocked or deflected, unlike bullets. In addition, many knife-flingers are employed for hunt and capture. This is what results in their low-lethality rate.
Summoner A summoner has much in common with a Tamer. However, this class does not keep beasts near his person and is most definitely not their friend. A Summoner is the master, and the summonee is the slave. That is their relationship, and friendship has no part of it. The Summoner uses magic to summon mythical creatures to his aid, binding them to his will. The more powerful they are, the more creatures they can summon, or the more powerful creature they can summon. Summoner's are greatly feared for their power.
Whip Artist A whip artist is sometimes mocked for his ability, but in actuality they are as dangerous as every other class. A whip artist makes use of a long whip, as the name implies. The whip can be made of any material, and appear as a plethora of shapes. This class loves to use magical weapons, as they are quite creative in their functions.
Extendablist An extendabilist is a new class in the Silver Sea and as such the residents have differing opinions on them. An extendabilist can stretch and contort his own body to extraordinary lengths. It was often of much debate whether an extenabilist was a ranged class or not, but in the end, officials stated that they were. The reasoning behind this is unknown. Unlike other classes, extendabilists rarely use magical weapons, instead relying on their own strength
Bomber A bomber, as the name implies, makes use of explosives. They use bombs, mines, and other implements to create fierce explosions. Those of the bomber class often have the worst accuracy of any other class. However, they make up for it in their blast radius. They can often destroy entire city blocks with the push of a button. Some bombers enjoy their work a little too much, often getting close and personal while lobbing bomb after bomb at their opponents.
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Ranged Classes
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