The Silver Sea is a D&D and Anime influenced Fantasy style Role Play with an original plot.
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 The Great Betrayal

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PostSubject: The Great Betrayal   Mon Aug 29, 2011 8:10 pm

...A voice went out among the auditorium, and although it was not strained, it was loud enough for every person to hear.

“Our world, as all worlds are, was created by the True God.”

As she spoke, an image of a large rotating blue ball appeared above the heads of all in attendance.

“In the beginning the True God created the world, and filled it to the brim, with life.”

As she said this, the images changed to a large meadow. Deer, wolves, bears, and eagles played with some of the smaller children. The scene then changed to a lush jungle and jaguars, iguanas, and aardvarks all ran around the audience. It seemed the entire auditorium was the stage. The whole place was teeming with life. Soon, the scene changed yet again. And they found themselves under a vast ocean. Giant fish swam every which way.

“The plants had only a body, and were not fully pleasing to True God. So he created the beasts of the land, which had both a body and soul. They pleased Him greatly. However, He grew lonely.”

The illusions shifted from the beautiful forests and oceans to a black void. In the middle of the auditorium was a man. It was very vague and all in a muted grayish silver color. He wore what looked like a toga, but his form was constantly swirling and changing, like a cloud. The only definite aspect of the man was that he appeared to have three faces.
“The plants had body, the animals had souls, but his third creation, the Deities, had spirit.”

As she said this, the man outstretched his hand and the silvery clouds he seemed to be made out of dripped down to the floor. From the drops, nine beings were created. Each one was half as tall as the man, but twice as tall as a human. They appeared as glowing silhouettes, and were quite intimidating and life-like.

“The Deities were three beings in one, just as the True God himself was. They had body, soul, and spirit. The spirit allowed them to reason and think, the soul allowed them to feel emotions, and their body allowed interaction with the world. Their power was great, and their personality varied. They ruled over the Planes of Exsistance in accordance to the True God’s will. And the True God, in gratitude, gave them the three virtues that are a part of his very nature.”

At this the crowd spoke with her, “Love, Justice, and Creativity!”

She continued her narrative, “That is, until that fateful day…”

As she said this, the auditorium changed its scenery again as the 10 beings from before were blown away as though they were mere fog. The place became a lush plain with thunderclouds over head.

“…That Abaddon betrayed his brothers and sisters.”

The thunderclouds gave off a boom of thunder that frightened the crowd, as there had been no sound until now. The thunderstorms let loose a single lightning bolt twice as large as the pillars holding the roof above them and in its wake was a twelve foot creature. It was humanoid in shape, with ram horns and large dragon-like wings. It had no tail, as some liked to add for artistic license. And its skin was a sickening white, which did not go well with its skeletal physique.

“After the True God left to create other worlds, Abaddon betrayed his brothers and sisters and attacked with a ferocity that had never been seen, or ever will be seen again.”

At this, the figure representing Abaddon fought with eight other beings that simply appeared. Abaddon fought with lightning mostly, while his adversaries used torrents of fire. The fight, although everyone knew it was mere illusion, was ferocious and awe-inspiring. At the end of it, the plains had been reduced to parched wasteland.

“However, Abaddon was not strong enough. Overwhelmed and defeated, Abaddon set his sight on weaker prey. He sought out the Triune beings that were created after The Deities.”

“In his spite, he created monsters to plague the land. They were hideous beasts that ravaged the natural resources, and peoples of the land.”

The scene changed to show a giant beast that looked like the bastard off-spring of a bear and an octopus, with the back end of a spider. It was over 100 feet tall, at least to scale. At its feet were miniature buildings and people running about. It let off a watery growl as the scene zoomed in on the carnage. They depicted several very nasty monsters. Their were Manticores, sphinxes, goblins, and werewolves, just to name a few. They belched poisons into rivers, devoured trees, and frightened the humans. Although, the people noticed, the monsters terrorized not just humans, but elves, and dwarves as well.

"This, was but the first of his crimes..."

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The Great Betrayal
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