The Silver Sea is a D&D and Anime influenced Fantasy style Role Play with an original plot.
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PostSubject: Anthromorphs   Fri Apr 08, 2011 8:53 am

Anthromorph is the term used to define a humanoid with animalistic features. The following are Categories and sub-categories of available Anthromorphic Races


Animorphs: Animporphs are creatures that greatly resemble Animals of the Prime Plane. They are as greatly varied as the animals they resemble. A good example would be the Werewolf. However, an Animorph could be any animal at all, not just a wolf. In addition, an Animorph is generally just as intelligent as the other races. Also, an Animorph cannot switch back and forth between a human and animalistic appearance. It will always be somewhere in the middle.


Pokemorph: To put it simply, a Pokemorph is a half human, half Pokemon hybrid, or an anthropomorphic Pokemon. If that didn't make sense, picture, if you will, a werewolf. Not the fuzzy wolf-man of old B movies, but rather, an actual werewolf of legends, with the general body of a man, but with the features of a wolf; long muzzle, sharp teeth, wolf-like face, fur, tail, claws, paws, etc. Now, rather than a wolf, picture a Pokemon. A Pikachu-morph, for example, would have the general shape of a human, though covered in yellow fur, with stripes across its back, as well as a Pikachu's facial features, including red electric cheek-sacs, as well as long Pikachu ears, a lightning-bolt shaped tail, and paw-like feet, among other features. However, unlike werewolves, Pokemorphs remain in the same body all the time, and, for the most part, aren't feral. Notably, some Pokemorphs have human-like hair, most commonly on mammalian Pokemorphs, but occasionally on reptilian 'morphs, as well.



Digimon are a strange breed. Although many naturally resemble humans, others are quite animalistic. In the Silver Sea however, even these animal-like Digimon become transformed and adopt the human shape. There are also a variety of these creatures. The term "Digimorph" is used to describe a cross between a Digimon and a human into one being that shows characteristics of both the human, and the Digimon. However the Digimorph should be considered a branch off of Digimon rather than humans.

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