The Silver Sea is a D&D and Anime influenced Fantasy style Role Play with an original plot.
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 The Frozen Desert

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PostSubject: The Frozen Desert   Sat Apr 09, 2011 1:51 pm

The Frozen Desert is a large shard of land located in the Silver Sea. Unfortunately, it is not a divine dominion and so does not stay in any fixed location. The Frozen Desert, much like one would expect, is a frozen and barren landscape. However, they would be incorrect in assuming that it had no life at all. The Frozen Desert defies most definitions of islands as it is so very vast. The entire island is around the size of Australia.

While most would look for life on the surface, the vast majority of The Frozen Desert's creatures reside in the frozen caverns beneath the snow-covered island. These creatures are non-sentient and viciously territorial. In addition the frigid temperatures both on the surface and in the cavarns have proven just as deadly to adventurers as the monsters themselves.

The shard of land however would probably not be so infamous if not for one sole inhabitant. It has long been rumored that this Icy wasteland is the hiding spot of the great betrayer, Abaddon. Several holy crusades have been made to determine the veracity of the rumors, however none of the crusades proved fruitful. Over and over again, armies fell to wild monsters, beasts and temperatures.

Many peoples have complained that if the remaining deities would attend one of the crusades that Abaddon would have been defeated by now. However the deities themselves have expressed no interest in bringing Abaddon to justice. Instead, they often say that if Abaddon wishes to imprison himself, then he may stay there forever. If Abaddon truly is hiding within the frozen tundra, than he may never be found.
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The Frozen Desert
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