The Silver Sea is a D&D and Anime influenced Fantasy style Role Play with an original plot.
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 Classical Fantasy

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PostSubject: Classical Fantasy   Sat Apr 09, 2011 1:32 pm


Slightly shorter than the average human, elves are also noticeably more slender and graceful. They are handsome and beautiful averaging between 4½ to 5½ feet and 95 to 135 pounds. Males are slightly more muscular on average, there is little difference in height between the sexes, and neither sex grows facial, nor body hair. Their features in general may be described as more angular and defined; including long, pointed ears and wide, almond-shaped eyes. Most elves have fair skin and dark hair, though this is no more true of all elves than it is of humans. They have a reputation for careful grooming, more so than perhaps any other race. This frequently extends to their clothing, which is luxurious and well-kept, though not to the point of impracticality. Elves also do not age as other creatures; their physical appearances remain constant from achieving physical maturity to death. Elves do grow physically weaker as they age, however. They adore the living parts of nature, and view non-living things in contempt (such as stone and jewels). This has brought out a light rivalry between the Elves and Dwarves.



Dwarves are a proud and stern race and are able to resist the dangers of the world. They are physically much stronger than humans and elves and have great endurance, especially in the ability to resist great heat and cold, and they made light of heavy burdens. Dwarves live up to two hundred and fifty years and have the ability to learn new skills quickly. A normal dwarf is usually stubborn and secretive, but they have the capacity to be loyal friends. Most of the time, the only thing they care about are mining and crafts, drawing the hatred of the elves. Dwarves are not hurt by insults, but they have a propensity to hold a long-lasting grudge. Dwarves are very greedy, ans such make good merchants. They also are capable masons, and smiths.



Humans are an amazing race. They do not excel at any one thing as a race, however they do not do poorly in any one area as well. Each one has unique talents and abilities. Their genes are also the most susceptible to contamination. It has been widely shown that humans are the most capable of interbreeding with other races. With most "half" races (half-orcs, half-elves, half-ogres, and even half-giants), the "half" almost always refers to a human half. Thus, this could be seen as a "benefit". Humans were the first race from the Prime Realm to enter the Silver Sea. Humanity's long history makes other races think of them as hidebound, old-fashioned, and conservative, but they are not afraid of new things. With the rise of other major races, they have sought to adapt and compete with them. They are interested in new technology and weaponry. Humans are a people of tinkerers and craftsmen, warrior and artists. Other Races often look to the Human race, to compare there own worth.

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Classical Fantasy
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