The Silver Sea is a D&D and Anime influenced Fantasy style Role Play with an original plot.
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 Special Abilities

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PostSubject: Special Abilities   Tue Apr 12, 2011 4:18 pm

Special Abilities are rather self-explanatory. They are abilities, things your character can do. They are special, because they are unique and not everyone can do them. However, here on the Silver Sea, they must be trimmed down a bit and explained so as to keep everyone on the same page.

Personal Special Abilities

First up are Personal Special Abilities. These are special abilities your character actually possess. Good examples would be the Flame-on powers of the Human Torch, or the Rinnegan of Nagato. They are not connected to a weapon in any way. The important thing to remember beyond all else is that the stat system is the only determining factor in a character's strength. If you created a Goku, and your opponent created a Sora character (from Digimon no less) and your opponent has been deemed having a "slight advantage" as defined by the stat system, Sora will win. The fight will be allowed to take as long as necessary, due to the advantage only being slight, but Goku will lose. Even if Sora has nothing, and Goku has the Kamehamaha.

However, before you start asking what use Special Abilities are, then let us pit Batman against Superman. These are both players on this site, and the fight is "Evenly Matched" by definition of the stat system. This is where Special Abilities really come in. Because you'll be using them to try and defeat equal opponents.

Also, Personal Abilities are unique as a Roleplaying supplement. Say you want the ability to speak to animals, well, this is where you'd apply for such a thing. It might not help you defeat someone in combat, but it might just help you find an ancient treasure that the DM refuses to let you find. (Though I must say, your character should have a reason for learning this. It would be strange if it just suddenly happened. So try to come up with at least one roleplay explaining your sudden gift)

Weapon Special Abilities

Weapon abilities are very much like personal abilities, only they are allowed to be much more powerful. However, there is a risk with this. Weapons are vulnerable, even if you have an "slight advantage" by the stat system terms, you can still lose your weapon. And, even worse, you lose 20 stat points, 10 from Attack(or magic if you are a magical class) and 10 from Defense (the equivalent of 2 levels) if it happens. However, the rewards for having a weapon with special abilities is great.

Stat Increase

Under no other circumstances are you ever allowed to increase your stats through an ability. The Weapon you wield however, allows you to do this. Keep in mind that if you lose your weapon you not only lose your bonus, but you also lose 20 points. However, you are allowed 2 abilities and 2 abilities only, that will increase your stats.

These abilities are not passive, and you must state when you use them while roleplaying. In addition, the 2 abilities combined cannot increase your stats beyond 40 points. These 40 points can be distributed anywhere you like.

How you might lose your weapon

If you are facing an opponent that is your equal, or if you have a slight advantage over them, they can try to disarm you. This is done IC (meaning they might wrestle you for it, shoot your hand cowboy style, try to eat it, whatever), however they must also state OC that they are trying to do so. If they fail to state they are trying to disarm you in both IC and OC than you are free to ignore the attempt. When they declare both OC and IC, they must then PM me with the title of the thread in the subject and either rock, paper, or scissors. Likewise, you must do the same. If they win, ties don't count, then you have lost your weapon.

I will post in the thread declaring the outcome

They are only allowed to try to disarm you twice in a thread. All other attempts will be ignored by me, and may be ignored by you. However, if for some reason you want to lose your weapon, you are always free to do so. There is one exception to this. The exception is when someone has a Ranged Class.
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Special Abilities
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