The Silver Sea is a D&D and Anime influenced Fantasy style Role Play with an original plot.
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 Stat System Guide

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PostSubject: Stat System Guide   Sat Apr 09, 2011 9:42 pm

Building Your Character

Welcome to The Silver Sea! This guide is to help you understand and work with our Stat system. Its very in depth and will explain every step of the way. There are a few things you need to do prior to character creation and stats however. The very first thing, even before registration, is read the site rules. Yea it seems mundane but its something everyone should do at least once.

Creating your character is much like any other site. Copy the application, fill it in. Wait a bit to have it approved. THEN create your weapon. Try to keep from copy and pasting apps. Some of the main things we are looking for in character applications is spelling, grammar, personality, and how well constructed your bio is. Upon approval of your application, you will be assigned a level, ranging anywhere from 1- 30.

Stats and Their Meaning

The stats here at The Silver Sea are divided into five sections, each with their own meaning within the forum. The stats are Attack, Defense, Intelligence, Speed, and Magic. Attack and Defense range from 0 to 200 while Intelligence, Speed, and Magic range from 0 to 100. Every time you gain a level on the site you will earn 10 stat points to be distributed into these stats. Below is a breakdown of each stat and its meaning.


This stat, along with Defense, helps determine the power differences in battles on the site. This stat cannot be maxed out and doesn't severe any purpose other than helping determine power differences. More on this will be covered in the Site Battles section of the guide.


This stat, along with Attack, helps determine the power differences in battles on the site. This stat cannot be maxed out and doesn't severe any purpose other than helping determine power differences. More on this will be covered in the Site Battles section of the guide.


This stat governs how many special abilities you can create. Every 10 points you will be able to create a special ability for yourself or your weapon, this is on top of your original 3 that you are given upon character creation. These Special Abilities must be created in the Special Ability section of the creation center. This is so we don't confuse them with the free Special Abilities you are given upon creation. They will be approved of individually and added to your application once approved. Please make sure to state if the ability is for you or your weapon in the title of the thread.


The speed stat governs many forms of speed. The stat includes both locomotive speed and reaction speed. At every ten points into this stat you will gain a new speed level. this level of speed will determine how fast you are compared to another member. If your opponent is two levels higher than you that they are noticeable faster than you. Three or more levels higher than you and they are twice as fast as you are. Four or more and you cannot even track their movements.


The magic stat is very similar to the speed stat. It has levels to it as well, also gained at every ten points into the stat. This however determines which spells you are allowed to learn and how powerful they are when using them. For those who have a Magical Class, you are allowed to use your magic stat as your Attack stat. If you choose to do this, put the name of your current level in your Attack section. In addition, to learn a spell from the Spell List, your rank must reflect the level of the spell. For example, if you wish to learn a level 80 spell, you must be ranked very strong in magic.

Adding Stats

To progress your character you must first set up a Progression chart for your character. There is a template for this, much like your character applications. Simply fill out the form post in the section. You will keep posting in this topic for the remainder of your time here. What you can expect is that a moderator will come and quote your message to approve of the stat increases. This is so we have a record of what stat you are increasing and when. Keep in mind that all stats are final, you are not allowed to suddenly change your mind and redistribute your stats. After your stat change has been quoted on, you are free to make the changes you have put to your stats.

To add stats to your profile, you must access your User C.P.

Under personalized profile, you will find the stat locations that will show up on your posts for you and our members to see.

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Posts : 47
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PostSubject: Re: Stat System Guide   Sat Apr 09, 2011 9:49 pm

Site Battles

The gap between power levels is determined by a simple formula. This formula will be used on all battles regardless of position and rank. Remember, this is not a definite way to determine who wins and who loses a battle, as tactics still hold a high level on this site.The formula is listed below:

[highest level players attack- opponents defense] - [ opponents attack- highest level players defense]= X

X will determine the power difference. If X is negative, than the formula needs to be done the opposite way, switching character roles.It should look like this in that case and that case alone.

[ lowest level players attack- opponents defense]-[ opponents attack- lowest level players defense]=X

There is a stat chart for the outcome of X as well, located in the resource section. This chart is probably the one that is most important. It provides you will an explanation of how the battle should be played out in terms of a power gap.

How to level Up

To gain a new level, you must gain a certain amount of exp. Exp can be gained a variety of ways. The main way to gain it is by posting. The entire forum will give you a certain amount of exp for every post you make in that certain area. The numbers will range anywhere from 1 to 500. Keep in mind you will usually gain more posts for starting a topic rather than posting. This does not mean you can post one topic with one message and then not reply in it but post another. That in itself is stat manipulation and will be punished if caught doing so with that intention.

Another way to gain exp is by practice fights. Posting in the practice fight area may not earn you exp but the fights will. For every fight you finish, you will be awarded exp. The winner will ALWAYS receive more than the loser of the battle but everyone will get exp no matter the outcome. The number of exp awarded will be decided on post length, topic length, time spent in each release, and how the opponent was defeated. The loser will always receive half of whatever the winner gains. All in All, its a good way to get exp and should be done as often as possible. this will also increase your skills in fighting and role playing.

Another way to gain exp will be by IC fights. These fights will be the same as OC fights but with a much higher exp pay out. Not all Roleplays here are pass the torch. Sometimes there will be a DM who will control the flow of the story and pit you against NPCs that he has created. If you intend to be the DM of a thread please state so in the title. The DM of a thread may give a maximum of 2000 exp to the players for non-combat successes. If this is done, the DM should PM me with a link to the thread so I can give everyone there exp.

Besides these three ways listed above, there are other ways to gain exp. Part of the fun of the site will be figuring out how to gain them. some may be by small task others might be harder than anything you have ever done but all in all, it will definitely be worth your time.

Thanks for taking the time to read over this application and have fun here at The Silver Sea!

-This Guide was originally written by Escher of Bleach:Forbbiden Gates, it has been modified slightly to accompany The Silver Sea

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Stat System Guide
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