The Silver Sea is a D&D and Anime influenced Fantasy style Role Play with an original plot.
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 The Silver Army

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PostSubject: The Silver Army   Sat Apr 09, 2011 1:48 pm

Coat of Arms:

Goal: To unite all people, through violence.

Dominion of Residence: Central Plane


The Silver Army was established by the Dragon known as Varathos. He was a great and powerful being that hoped to unite all peoples of the Silver Sea, by conquest. Those he defeated, he enslaved, and those who he enslaved, were his army. His army consisted of each and every fallen island he conquered. Unfortunately, his son, Morgrimm, betrayed him in a very important battle. He was fighting the, then new, League of Black Light. At his defeat, the Silver Army was disbanded and the army freed.

However, his son lived on in the shadows and bided his time until the two opposing factions were at each other's throats. A mere 70 years after the disbandment of The Silver Army, Morgrimm began re-creating it. This time, however, he used fanaticism and patriotism to his advantage. By making treaties with varies kingdoms and towns across the Silver Sea, and frequently preaching unity, he reestablished his father's Army. This time, it's numbers would not die with it's leader's demise.

And it was a good thing too, as Morgrimm was soon defeated by a valiant knight whose name has been lost through the ages. With Morgrimm's defeat, his second in command took over the Army, and establish a military force unlike anything ever before encountered in the Silver Sea. He was a human, named Fayur, and he regularly employed the recently deceased to find out new and different technologies. Several generations have past since Fayur took ahold of the Silver Army, and it is now a very large Military state with one single goal.

The conquest of the entire Silver Sea.

Justification: They believe that Unity is the greatest possible state of exsistaance, and in turn, wish to unite all people. Whether it is by force or not, does not concern them.


Those who wish to join the Silver Army may apply here in this thread. Below is a list of Current Ranks, you will be unable to join until your character is approved. However, once you are, simply post here stating what position you want. If you are approved, you will be added to the list and you may state that you are a member in your Affiliation and Rank section in your profile. And remember, this is a role-play site, so role-play as though you are a member of the Silver Army!


Only 1 person can occupy the following positions.

High Constable:
Second Lieutenant:

Any number can hold the following title.


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The Silver Army
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