The Silver Sea is a D&D and Anime influenced Fantasy style Role Play with an original plot.
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 The League of Black Light

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PostSubject: The League of Black Light   Sat Apr 09, 2011 1:46 pm

Coat of Arms

Goal: To rule over the Divine Dominions

Dominion of Residence:Southern Plane


The League of Black Light was created because of a human from the Southern Province a millennium ago. He had been grievously wounded by a demon, and was saved by a centaur priest. The Centaur healed the man and taught him the ways of the Silver Sea. The human had recently died and had passed on to the Silver Sea. The human's name was Anthony, and the Centaur's name was Fong. The became steadfast friends, and together created a school to train others in the history of the Silver Sea. The school became popular and well-known to all inhabitants.

Anthony, now well-versed in self defense, came upon the same demon as before. The demon, it seemed, was confused and angry, and Anthony realized that it was just as lost as he was upon entering the Silver Sea. After an intense battle, Anthony defeated the demon, but chose to spare it's life. instead he brought it to the school he had helped to found.

However, Fong, did not approve. He refused to teach the demon at all. And chastised Anthony for his kindness. The demon however, was eager to learn and became a stead-fast friend of Anthony's. Fong and the demon did not get along well, as Fong was convinced that it was a a trick to kill Anthony.

One day, while Anthony sent out to find new prospects for the school, Fong assaulted the demon and killed it. When Anthony returned, and had found out what had been done, he became angry. He assaulted Fong, who fought back in retaliation. Their friendship ended, and the school was divided.

Fong stayed, and he and all his supporters became known as the League of Black Light

Anthony left, and settled on the Western Dominion, he and his supporters became known as the League of White Darkness.


The League of Black Light believes in the power of absolute justice. They are very judgmental and abide by the rules. They are strong practitioners of fate and tribulation. When hardship comes upon others they will refuse help, citing the consequences of Fong. Likewise, if troubles come upon them, they will refuse any assistance offered. However, they believe in repaying debts, and will faithfully help another if they judge themselves indebted to that person.


Those who wish to join the League of Black Light may apply here in this thread. Below is a list of Current Ranks, you will be unable to join until your character is approved. However, once you are, simply post here stating what position you want. If you are approved, you will be added to the list and you may state that you are a member in your Affiliation and Rank section in your profile. And remember, this is a role-play site, so role-play as though you are a member of the League of Black Light!

Only 1 person can occupy the following positions.


Any number can hold the following title.


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The League of Black Light
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